The Agardo Advantage

 Our team understands we are a reflection and extension of our client's practice.  We take pride in our ability to provide quality solutions based on our industry knowledge and experience, the accuracy and timeliness of our processes, the ease of use of our systems, the integrity and kindness we show as we interact with our clients and their patients.  We strive to continually improve our knowledge, processes and systems by staying on top of this everchanging healthcare industry. 

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We’re There For You

Variety of sOLUTIONS

Agardo provides a variety of solutions.  Together we will discuss and analyze your practice needs, then together we will create a package of solutions based on those needs.

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Why Outsource

Agardo can help

Agardo can help your practice no matter it’s size. We can help you reduce overhead expenses, while increasing revenue.  Our team stays informed of the latest industry standards and practices.

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Why Agardo

Professional & Personal

Agardo provides solutions in a professional and personal manner. Our team wants you to know and feel that your success is of the utmost importance to us.  We keep our thumb on the pulse of your practice.

Maximize your Earnings

Is your office bogged down with paperwork, payer participation requirements, unfiled or unpaid claims, under coded or over coded services that need to be corrected?  We know, the list goes on!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could treat your patients and not worry if you will be compensated accurately and timely.  Unfortunately there are many factors today that make reimbursement difficult and burdensome. Agardo is a full service solution that will reduce this burden and stress, give you peace of mind, as well as, increase your profits!

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