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Our team at Agardo desires to provide solutions that will strengthen your Practice and set our clients apart from the rest.  We work with solo practitioners to large group practices and know that our solutions will have a positive impact on your practice.  There are many different aspects to running a successful practice and some are better served out-sourced.  Our solutions will be a cost savings to your practice and our team will be valuable to your practice.  We are very protective of our clients which means we are on alert and watching out for any concerns which may arise that could harm the integrity or success of your practice.

Payer Enrollment aka Credentialing

Are you starting a new practice? Do you want to participate with new insurance plans?  Do you need to renew your participation status with insurance plans?  Do you need to keep your CAQH profile up to date and completete your attestations timely to avoid being kicked off panels?  There are so many different Insurance plans to deal with and they all have different requirements, our Payer Enrollment Specialists know what those requirements are and will take on this daunting task.

Scheduling & Benefits

Are you and/or your staff having trouble staying on top of all of those scheduling phone calls?  Our friendly Scheduling and Benefit Verification Specialists will get your patients on the books, will verify your patients benefits prior to their scheduled visit and will advise your patients of their benefits prior to their first visit.  When our office handles your scheduling, there will be an actual phone call to remind your patients of their visit, your cancellation policy and any balance that may be due, we even collect past due balances while on this reminder call.  Today there is texting and email reminders which are good, needed and we do but we have found having this extra personal touch means a lot to patients in this technological age and it means a lot to your bottom line. 

Billing & Claim Management

Billing and Claim Management can make or break your practice.  Our Billing Specialists are top notch and our goal is to make sure your claims are filed correctly the first time.  Are the appropriate CPT codes and modifiers on your claims?  Are the diagnosis codes being billed in the appropriate order to avoid unneccessary rejections, denials or lower reimbursement?  All of these initial decisions effect your reimbursement and timeliness of reimbursement.  Are your aging claims being worked timely for prompt payment and resolution?  Unfortunatley at times, insurance companies deny claims erroneously and pay claims at an incorrect rate.  We have the knowledge and systems in place to prevent income due to your practice, from slipping through the cracks.  

Patient Collections

Patients sometimes unfortunately do not pay their copay or deductibles at the time of service.  We make every effort to collect patient payments quickly and respectfully.  We provide many options for patients to pay their statements when services are not paid at the time of service, such as online, through the mail or over the phone.  We also provide light collections through letters and phone calls, then will turn to a collection agency at the request of the practice.

Coding & Auditing

Are you not quite sure how to code certain visits to acheive maximum reimbursement?  We have certified coders that will review your documentation and select the appropriate cpt codes, modifiers and diagnosis codes for the services you and your team have rendered.  Do you need an auditor for your practice to ensure documentation is supporting the services rendered?  Our team of coders and auditors have the experience to help you keep your Practice on track.


What are you analyzing to determine the health of your practice?  How are you doing financially?  Do you need to focus on a specific area to increase growth?  Do you have a bleed that needs to be addressed?  Are you hitting your daily, weekly and monthly goals related to charges and receipts?  Is your Practice under coding or over coding?  Are patients returning for follow up visits?  Do you have an increased amount of missed appointments or late cancellations, are there specific patients that fall into either of these categories?  Are your billing practices putting your practice at risk of being audited.  We have numerous reports and can customize reports that will provide statistics related to your practice performance.  We also make suggestions based on our experiece where we see changes could be implemented to increase revenues.


We provide consulting related to many different areas.  Maybe you are just getting started in practice and you have no idea where to begin.  Maybe you have been in practice for many years but things are slowing down or growth has stalled or perhaps your practice is growing so fast that you just need to make sure you are on the right track.  Maybe you want to make sure correct procedures are in place in the back office or at the front desk.  We have seen quite a bit over the years working with the small private practices to the large group practice with over 100 providers on staff.  We have the experience and expertise and would be an excellent resource for your practice! 


Are you interested in transitioning to Electronic Health Records?  There are thousands of EHR Systems out there and they all have their pros and cons.  We would be happy to schedule a time for a quick demo of our affordable and customizable EHR solution.  If you already utilize an EHR solution, we have found most EHR systems will integrate with our practice management system which will allow your practice to continue with your current EHR system and still utilize the other solutions we offer.

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